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Special Education is Failing Texas Students 

       Money and an imbalance of power explain the failure of the Due Process System for Special Education in Texas.

       Parents come into the system at an extreme disadvantage. The District has paid specialists – psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers, physical therapists, etc., who testify for the District. Those experts testify before a hearing officer trained by the Texas Education Agency, a bureaucracy composed largely of former school employees that has close ties to the school district. Parents bear the burden of proof and, for the most part, lack the resources to fight back.

       As a result, the Districts continue their ineffective teaching and relegate their students with special needs to overburdened teachers and staff who often lack the necessary training, skills and support to function effectively.

       Here are some of the key issues we face:

1- Arbitrary Cap Excludes More Than Half the Students with Need

2- Misuse of Criminal Trespass Warrants (CTW)

3- Parents’ Access to Experts

4- Need for Trained and Registered Advocates

5- The School-to-Jail Pipeline

6- Vouchers

              The Solution – Our Recommendations

            2017 Legislative Agenda



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