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DisAbility Advocates:

Dedicated to providing information to individuals with disabilities, their families, their friends and their service providers.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Special Education Advocates of Texas is to promote the independence, the education and the successful integration of individuals with disabilities into society. Our goal is to assist parents in advocating for their children with special needs so that their children can receive the education they need to function as successfully as possible in society. As part of that mission and as an expanded goal, this office assists young people in matters involving advocacy to include IEP meetings (ARDC meetings), due process hearings, suspensions, expulsions and juvenile court procedures.

What services we provide:

1. Working with students with disabilities and their families to assure that these students receive all of the educational services to which these children are entitled under State and Federal Laws.

2. Consulting with families who have children with disabilities to assist the families with making life decisions that will ensure that their children can live as independently as possible and as productively as they are able.

3. Speaking with organizations who would like to learn more about their rights as individuals with disabilities, the rights of family members with special needs, the rights of their clients or rights of students with disabilities.

4. Assisting young defendants who find themselves involved in the juvenile legal system.

5. Providing services to those individuals with disabilities who require an advocate who understands their Abilities.

6. Educating the public, the courts and the schools about the rights of individuals with disabilities.

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